R3 Gallery presents STRATIFORM
Recent Paintings in Resin by Aren Skalman
Opening reception Saturday, October 21st, 6-9PM

This collection of paintings is the culmination of my experiments in applying paints, pigments and organic matter between layers of epoxy resin. Several years ago I began pouring varnish, shellac, and polyester resin in order to see how these materials react, dry and affect the surface of works on paper. Over time I developed a method of building paintings with epoxy resin, which allows me to make work that is luminous, richly textured and intensely color-infused. The interiors of the paintings are often messy, expressive and volatile while the surfaces are clear and slick like hard candy.

These paintings are abstract or non-objective mood pieces. Sometimes I choose to incorporate imagery in order to impart a layer of meaning and resonance. Paint is applied loosely and allowed to behave according to its own nature and alternately controlled via masking, brushwork, sanding and printmaking. With the addition of layers of paint and resin the pieces become like stratified geological forms. Some areas are obscured while others are illuminated or enhanced creating an interplay between background and foreground.